A profile milling solution for moulds which utilize round inserts. When depth of cut is low, it is capable of high feed rates while also being an excellent facemilling solution.

Available in diameters ranging from

16 mm  —  160mm

0.63 in  —  6.299 in

Multiple Insert Sizes





Top Clamp for Additional Support

Big insert sizes (12mm and 16mm) are supported with an additional top clamp provided there is enough pocket room.

Vibration Damping

The cutter bodies incorporate V2 material technology. The material exhibits excellent toughness to absorb vibration without compromising pocket wear resistance. The cutter bodies use a differential pitch to reduce the possibility of resonance.

Axial Rake

A 0º axial rake (RM0) gives a true corner radius and is best for high accuracy profiling and machining of hardened materials.

Axial Rake

A 7º positive axial rake (RM7) is suitable for a wide variety of materials and when true corner radius is not critical.

Easy Spare Part Reference

Each body is laser marked with cutter spare references