A multi-purpose milling solution able to face, shoulder, slot, ramp, pocket and plunge mill.

Available in two insert sizes

Reinforced core

Large cross-sectional area increases rigidity without compromising chip room.

Laminar Flow Coolant

Cylindrical shank tools have coolant holes with 90º exits to support laminar flow, resulting in more effective cooling of the cutting edge. The through air hole aids chip evacuation when pocketing.

Vibration Damping

The cutter bodies incorporate V2 material technology. The material exhibits excellent toughness to absorb vibration without compromising pocket wear resistance. The cutter bodies use a differential pitch to reduce the possibility of resonance.

Recessed Body

The recessed body improves ramping.


Axial Rake

Perfect balance between wall accuracy and low cutting forces. In long series coarse pitch cutters, the high axial rake provides improved stability for machining jobs that require a large cutter overhang.

Easy Spare Part Reference

Each body is laser marked with cutter spare references

Protected Screw

The screw remains protected from chips during cutting, while maintaining maximum length.

Torx Key Access Port

Due to the strong core, a special key access port is required