Community & Social Development

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
Our community and social development programs focus on job creation, training and education, small business promotion and downstream supplier development.

Job creation

The Pilot Tools Group is committed to continued investment in and expansion of our manufacturing operations. Manufacturing has a positive influence on job creation and alleviation of poverty.

Training and education

A key enabler to employment creation and productivity is a skilled work force. Pilot Tools has established a successful student program that provides training to students studying towards tertiary qualifications in materials engineering, physical metallurgy or mechanical engineering. Some of these students remain employed in the Pilot Tools group after qualifying, while others move into external industry, stimulating the economy and job creation. We constantly encourage and facilitate further post-graduate studies in relevant research and development fields.

Small business promotion and downstream supplier development

Small business growth will form the backbone of the world’s economy in the coming years and will go a long way to providing much needed employment. In light of this, Pilot Tools is committed to identifying small businesses within our supply chain that we can create strategic and value adding long term partnerships with. In so doing, these small businesses are provided the much needed support to grow and develop.